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History of proton

Proton Saga was the first Proton model, based on the Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore. It rolled off the Shah Alam assembly line for the first time in September 1985. The 100,000th Proton Saga was produced in January 1989. It remains the top-selling model even though newer, more advanced models have been launched.[1] There have been a few other face-lifted models: Proton Knight, Proton CARES and Iswara Aeroback, Iswara Limited Edition (painted in light purple with power steering and sporty exhaust note). This model is extremely popular with taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur who repaint the vehicles red and white.Proton Saga Iswara, is a face-lifted version of the Proton Saga; originally launched way-back in 1992 and is still one of the top selling models for Proton in 2004 because of its low price. In past decades, this model had been well known for its low fuel consumption.

However, with the advancement of technology Iswara has lost in this field. Sometime in 2005, the Saga Iswara was facelifted again and renamed back to the Proton Saga. This new version featured remodeled headlamps both front and rear. It also had an Audi TT-inspired dashboard and 1st generation Lotus Elise-derived dashboard display. In 2006, the Saga was facelifted yet again to include a new wau grille to match the rest of the family.Proton Wira (also known as the Proton Persona in Europe and some other international markets, not to be confused with the 2007 Proton Persona) was introduced in 1993 and is based on Mitsubishi Lancer/Colt. More than 220,000 units were sold between 1996 and 1998 [2].

This car was, and still is, very popular in Malaysia. The word Wira translates into English as “Hero” but instead of using this as the name in English-speaking countries, Proton chose to use the word Persona. However, from about 2001 onwards, the car has been sold as the Wira in the United Kingdom, whilst in 2002 the Wira was put into production in Iran by Zagross Khodro.Proton Wira AerobackProton Wira SEProton Satria, (also called Proton Compact in the UK) a sporty 3-door hatchback based on the Mitsubishi Mirage / Mitsubishi Colt. Proton gained a lot of valuable engineering knowledge from its takeover of Lotus which ultimately led to a special Lotus badged version of the Satria being produced.Proton Satria GTi is a 3-door sports hatchback. This was Proton’s attempt at the sporty, performance hatchback market.

Very popular in Malaysia and has a large following in Australia. Powered by a 4-cylinder 1,800 cc DOHC engine and featured Lotus-tuned suspension, it was one of the best Protons ever built.Proton Satria R3 is a limited edition road-legal race-spec Satria with only 150 units in production. It features a double seam-welded lightened chassis and a tweaked engine with more aggressive cam timing.Proton Satria SE is the last batch of Proton Satrias to roll out. Featuring Proton Arena sports rims and grille, and many extras in the interior similar to the Proton Wira SE, this would be the last of the Satrias before the long-awaited SRM (Satria Replacement Model) rolls out.Proton Satria Neo is the replacement model of the previous Satria variants, using all-new design, chassis and powerplant.

Launched on 16 June 2006, the Satria Neo is available in 1.6L and 1.3L variants, where both variants are powered by Campro engine.Proton Putra, a 2-door sporty coupe based on the Mitsubishi Mirage. Considered by many as one of the better looking of the Mitsubishi-based models, the Putra was well-received and commands good second-hand value.Proton Perdana, based on the Mitsubishi Eterna, first produced in 1994, intended for the higher-end market.Proton Perdana V6 was the facelifted version of the Perdana, featuring a more powerful V6 engine and new front and rear look. It was later facelifted to include the Alfa-Romeo-inspired grille that earned it the nickname Alfa-dana among enthusiasts.Proton Tiara was a compact car based on the Citroën AX, built under licence by Proton from 1996 to 2000. Faced numerous problems due to Proton not supporting the model after it was discontinued.

Proton Juara, MPV based on the Mitsubishi Town Box Wide. This model was the first batch being totally CKD models from Japan. The external appearance of the car, which was a modification of the original Town Box, was criticized and received negatively, leading to its poor sales. It was very economical in fuel consumption and was very versatile. It is also one of the best-equipped Mitsubishi-based models, as it was based on a current model Mitsubishi. It featured keyless entry, auto-dim lights, safety lock for gear, child locks for doors and a digital odometer which was later used in other Proton models. It was also the first Malaysian car to offer Mercedes-Benz-style wing mirror-mounted signal indicators.Proton Waja (Proton Impian in Europe) is the first Proton to be designed and styled in-house. However, the car’s chassis and engine were sourced and adapted from Mitsubishi (except for the 1,800 cc variant, which was powered by a Renault engine).

The word Waja translates into English as “steel” while Impian translates into “dreams” or “ambition”. The name Impian was chosen as it was considered to be a more pleasant sounding word for the international market. In January 2006, the car was fitted with a CamPro engine which has been re-tuned to boost the horsepower to 86 kW (115 bhp) and 155 N-m of torque. This made it go full-circle, as the CamPro was originally developed for the Waja, but was deemed not ready for production when the Waja was launched, hence debuting in the Proton Gen-2. The facelifted 2007 Proton Waja was launched on 19 January 2007 with the new grille nearly identical to the Proton Savvy.Proton Chancellor is a variant of the Waja for the executive market with a longer base, larger interior space and luxury features.

Proton Waja R3 MME EditionProton Arena (Called Proton Jumbuck in UK and Australia), a coupe utility vehicle. Based on the Wira platform, Proton engineers managed to develop a vehicle that would cater for those who have an active lifestyle and also those who need a small and economical utility vehicle as opposed to a commercial truck. 1200 units were sold in Australia in its first year. The Arena comes in 3 bodystyles.Proton Gen.2 is the first fully Malaysian-developed (including chassis and engine) Proton car and the replacement model for the Proton Wira; launched on February 8, 2004. It featured a modern sleek shape, with original design cues like crop-circle rear lamps and concave tail. The interior was very modern and minimalist, with a cool meter cluster. Proton still continued to sell the Wira after the Gen.2 was launched, due to having a huge supply of the vehicle still in stock.

The Gen.2 is considered by many to be the best-looking Proton. It has a minimalist and modern interior that was designed with the help of Lotus. However, it did face problems with the quality of the interior and therefore sought the help of TUV of Germany for quality control, with results clearly visible from the Savvy onwards. The Gen.2 was the first to receive the CamPro engine which needed high revs to obtain full power, and this was sorted out with the re-tuning of later units of the car.Proton Gen-2 R3 MME EditionProton Gen-2 EVE Hybrid is a hybrid concept version of the Gen-2, revealed during the 2007 Geneva Auto Show. It retains the S4PH Campro engine coupled together with a 30 kW, 144 V electric motor.Proton Savvy was launched on June 8, 2005. The 1,200 cc 5-door supermini car is the replacement model for the Proton Tiara. The car is fitted with an engine and a gearbox sourced from Renault.

In an official on-road test made by Proton in mid-2006, Proton Savvy recorded the fuel consumption rate of about 24 km/L (or about RM0.08/km of fuel), making the car as the most fuel-efficient Malaysian car as verified by Malaysian Book of Records.Proton Savvy R3 Zerokit was based on the Proton Savvy R3 prototype and could be added to a Savvy purchase for an additional RM3000. It featured a roof spoiler, front and rear lips and side skirting.Proton PERT (Petronas-EON Racing Team), a near-identical copy of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The current model resembles the Evolution VII and participates in the production class of the World Rally Championship.Proton Persona was launched on 15 August 2007. The 1.6 liter sedan is based on the Proton Gen-2 and features a sedan body instead of the Gen-2’s liftback body. It retains the same 82kW Campro engine.

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